I am a Depressed, ADHD Millennial Who Keeps Forgetting She Started a Blog…

Hi, my name is AC, and I am a depressed, ADHD millennial who forgot that she started this blog almost 2 months ago.

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Don’t get me wrong; I had the great intentions every ADHD’er gets when an idea or inspiration strikes. I just hit a roadblock. My depression was slowly creeping up on me like a tide of black goo and I wasn’t prepared for what that goo would bring my way this summer.

As this is an introductory post, I won’t go into the gooey details just yet. This blog and the Thirty-Something, Not Flirty, & Trying to Thrive site as a whole is a dream child of mine. I’ve always loved trying to build webpages and playing around with code. I am in the process of trying to teach myself various coding languages and I am starting with the easiest and most useful in the aspect of a webpage / blog with HTML.

The format of my blog will be along the following topics with sprinkles of other knick-knacks.

  • Struggles with Mental Health
    • ADHD as an adult, millennial woman
    • Depression
      • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
    • Anxiety
  • My Code-learning journey. This will most likely be visual, but I will try to share when I remember. 🙂
  • Books, books, BOOKS!
  • Gaming
    • Video Games (PlayStation and Nintendo)
    • Solo RPG Games
  • Junk Drawer Items. This is going to be basically anything else that will be word vomited from my brain, but I will make sure to tag appropriately. 🙂

I’d like to thank everyone who ventured to this page and for reading through this post. Please bookmark or favorite this site, or at least this blog, because I truly hope to share some great insight and fun. Just grant me a little patience to get things squared away and tidied up.





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